women empowerement
women empowerement

Women Empowerment and Cultural Preservation Through Art: 120+ Paintings Exhibited

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Santa Ursula Jakarta alumnae and students from kindergarten to high school made over 120 paintings to women empowerment and preserve intangible cultural heritage.

From September 16 to 24, 2023, the Art:1 New Museum Jakarta will host the SanUr Painters exhibition “From Women, by Women, for the World,” featuring these works.

An Opportunity for Self-actualization, Awareness, and Women Empowerment

Chairwoman of the show Committee Helena Muljanto says, “This exhibition serves as a platform for alumni to actualize themselves through art and increase awareness about their identity and the role of women empowerment.” She said this on Sunday in Jakarta.

She said some of the revenue from her paintings will empower East Nusa Tenggara women. Moreover, this show supports women who weave hats and bags from lontar palm leaves and Baipito’s traditional woven ikat textile craftspeople in Larantuka.

And then, she said, “Empowering these craftswomen preserves intangible cultural heritage”.

Woven Competition and Scholarships: Empowering Future

The winners of a weaving competition before the painting show were invited to Jakarta. It happen to display the weaving technique as part of the exhibition.

Selected female students will get the “Dijtu” scholarship to pursue a bachelor’s degree. Moreover, YKK exams chose four pupils, two from Maumere and two from Larantuka.

According to Santa Ursula Alumni Association on Jalan Pos Jakarta (IniSanurPosta) Chairwoman Inge Setiawati, Sanur Painters is one of 20 groups under the organisation and is very active in art creation.

“We are proud and continuously support our alumni in collaborating and making a meaningful impact for their groups, the community, and women empowerment,” Inge said.

Women Empowerment and Preserving Culture

The SanUr Painters exhibition empowers women and preserves Indonesia’s traditional history in many ways. The featured artworks by alumni and students reflect self-expression and support a cause.

Women Empowerment: These artworks help empower East Nusa Tenggara women. Women in Larantuka make lontar palm leaf headgear and purses and traditional woven ikat fabrics. Furthermore, this aid promotes economic growth and cultural preservation.

The exhibition celebrates culture by displaying alumni and student art. Sharing these artworks enhances awareness of Indonesia’s unique cultural history and the need of conserving intangible traditions.

Besides the exhibition, the project includes a weaving competition and the “Dijtu” scholarship programme. The weaving competition supports traditional skills, while the scholarships allow selected female students to pursue further education for a brighter future.

Community Collaboration: SanUr Painters displays community collaboration. Moreover, it shows how alumni may work together to improve their communities and society. These show as one of IniSanurPosta’s engaged and productive communities.

This effort shows how the arts can change society by merging art, education, and women empowerment and cultural preservation. And then, SanUr Painters showcases these alumni and students’ creativity, compassion, and dedication to improving their neighbourhoods and beyond.

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