Pretty Shinta
Pretty Shinta

The Silent Journey: A Collective Overture by ARTOTEL Batam and Pretty Shinta

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With local Batam artist Pretty Shinta, ARTOTEL Batam opens the solo exhibition “The Silent Journey,” which has captivated art lovers since September 16, 2023. The public is invited to enter this immersive art installation, which has eight unique sculptures, until December 16, 2023.

The Silent Journey: A Human Experience Tapestry

“The Silent Journey” is a visual narrative that invites viewers to explore human life’s many paths. It inspires self-reflection and a fresh perspective on others and life.

Maria Rizki, Sales Marketing Manager of ARTOTEL Batam, says “The Silent Journey” defies aesthetically realistic beauty standards. Instead, it highlights the artwork’s significant significance. Pretty’s paintings are quiet voices that help viewers understand life’s true meaning, a message often lost in modern world.

“In each celebratory stroke, these works are conceived to bolster overall mental well-being,” she says.

Beyond Art: Mental Health Advocacy

This exhibition effortlessly integrates the artist’s mental health works, unlike its predecessors. The exhibition’s opening is combined with a thought-provoking talk show on self-love and mental wellness by ARTOTEL Batam. Psychologist Ms. Wenny Nur Annisa, S. Psi. and artist Pretty Shinta will speak at the Batam TV event.

Maria Rizki says “The Silent Journey” solo exhibition explores mental health’s complexities. A chat show raises mental health awareness and emphasizes self-love.

“This exhibition offers more than a visual spectacle; it presents an opportunity for meaningful conversations and self-discovery,” Maria says.

Fostering Mental Health Through Art

The documentary “The Silent Journey” demonstrates how the power of art can ameliorate problems associated with mental health. Beyond the aesthetic appeal, the show provokes conversations on health and the need of loving oneself. The use of soft brushstrokes and vibrant colors results in a work of art that is both aesthetically pleasing and a therapeutic medium for contemplation.

The connection that exists between ARTOTEL Batam and Pretty Shinta extends beyond the paintings themselves and into the minds and hearts of all who view them. When people are encouraged to talk about their mental health at the exhibition, it turns into a forum that breaks down stigmas and helps develop communities that are supportive of one another.

How to Join “The Silent Journey”

Information about the exhibition and its activities is readily available to anybody interested in this immersive art experience and its important conversations. Contact +627784889888 if interested. Send questions to WhatsApp +62 8117218881 or @artotelbatam on Instagram. The official website at has further information.

“The Silent Journey” integrates art and mental health awareness beyond art exhibitions. It represents an artistic journey that invites people to ponder and transforms art into a powerful force for good.


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