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    Perfume is a universal gift that can be presented to any man and for any holiday. And of course – give it for February 23! Correctly selected, with attention and love, the fragrance will become a constant companion of the gifted. But how to choose a smell that will be to your taste and will correspond to the appearance and status of a man?

    Perfume, depending on the percentage of essential oils in it, is divided into perfumes, cologne and eau de toilette. Most oils contain perfumes, so they are the most persistent – they stay on the skin for more than six hours. Their designation on the package: parfum, PDT.

    Eau de toilette aromatized half as much, its durability is about three hours. Manufacturers indicate on the bottle: eau de toilette, EDT.

    In cologne (eau de cologne, EDC) only 3-5% of essential oils, it will last on the skin no longer than two hours.

    Moreover, the whole perfume, regardless of type, belongs to one or another group of aromas. The classification of fragrance families was approved by the French Society of Perfumers in 1983.

    They divided aromas into seven main types:
    Citrus fruits – at the heart of bergamot oil, orange, lemon.
    Ambergris – strong aromas with notes of ambergris, patchouli, musk.
    Floral – often feminine scents with notes of rose, jasmine, lily of the valley.
    Aromatic – grassy-earthy aromas with notes of lavender, tonka bean, coumarin.
    Leather – leather odors with hints of tar, tobacco.
    Woody notes of vetiver, cedar, patchouli, pine.
    Chypre – herbal, summer scents with notes of bergamot, oak moss and patchouli.

    The main rules for choosing a perfume

    There is no greater mistake than buying perfumes on the market, quality is the main factor for such a gift, says consultant for perfumes and cosmetics Anastasia Fedotova. Also, a woman should not focus only on her taste.

    It will be wrong to forget about the time of year. In winter, it is better to choose heavier aromas. In summer, fresh, marine aromas are used.

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