Garden of Goodbyes is LIVE!!!

It’s officially release day!!!

Garden of Goodbyes is now available for a limited time only price of #99cents and can be read for #free with #KU. The price WILL GO UP in two days to $2.99 so if you’re one of the many who’ve been patiently waiting for this unconventional and emotional story of love, loss, and betrayal…#oneclick now!

To enter the winner’s choice GIVEAWAY for a chance to win either a $50 Amazon gift card and a signed paperback of Garden of Goodbyes OR a 6 MONTH subscription to Kindle Unlimited, enter the rafflecopter here.

And if you’ve already had the chance to devour the pages and get lost in Eden, Violet and Lennox’s world and you NEED to discuss, yous should totally head over here 

This discussion group has been created as a safe place for GoG lovers to share their thoughts with other readers and ME!!!

I can’t thank you enough for your love and support with the release of this book! It means the world to me and the reviews are just blowing my mind!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking the time to read, review, reach out, and be a part of my book family!

xoxoxoxoxo Faith

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