Book+Main…you totally want to read this!

For the past week, myself and over 150 other authors/readers have tried to spread the word about this wonderful new social platform that is FREE to readers, a minute membership price for authors, and specific to our romance community!

But, what is so great about Book+Main Bites? What sets it apart from all the other social sites that you already have multiple apps for on your phone?

  • Opportunity to discover new books in a way not previously available! Book+Main Bites allows you to search for stories specific to your wants! Want to read a fighter romance? Done! Want the story to feature a dom/sub relationship? Done! All at your fingertips and on one page!
  • Not being inundated with sales and promotional materials! Let’s face it, we all must advertise/promote to get our books in the hands of readers, but with B+M, you won’t have to sift through extra stuff just to find a book you will love.
  • No drama! It’s all about the books! No statuses – only books!
  • Authors that you already love will be releasing excerpts from current WIP’s and bonus scenes for books and characters that you already love!
  • B+M is a platform that caters to the books! Here, it doesn’t matter if you currently follow the author, because you will be searching CONTENT! Which, in turn, will allow you to discover authors otherwise unknown to you!

Sound good? I know, right? Here’s how YOU can join the craze that EVERYONE in the romance community is buzzing about!

1. Create your B+M account right now:

2. Find & Follow me here:  

And then ENJOY!!!! I can’t wait to see you there!!!

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